What is 

Personal Profile Inventory?

PCM assessment will provide you a wealth of useful information. You will get a detailed analysis of your deep personality structure, which gives you an opportunity to understand yourself and your needs, what drives you into stress, why you get in conflicts with some people, while others are more sympathetic to you.

PCM is not another typology of personality that explains everything you already know, what you are and who you are. This methodology transforms information into a powerful tool for personal and professional development. The individualized report not only identifies possible unsuccessful behavioural patterns, but it also shows the reasons why they occur and makes suggestions for turning unsuccessful forms into successful ones

What contains

Personal Profile Inventory?

» Your unique personality structure

» Your character strengths

» Your perceptual frames and the ability to change your point of view

» The parts of personality you use to guide others, worry about others, logically think or have fun

» Your preferred interaction type

» Your psychological needs – motivators for personal and professional success

» Your unique stress patterns that can sabotage your personal and professional success

» Your action plan for a healthy, happy and quality life

How do I get my

Personal Profile Inventory?

An individualized report that is being generated after completing an online questionnaire gives exhaustive and precise information about person’s profile. A personal profile identifies the base of your personality through one of the six described personality types.

The profile also provides insights into how many other types of personality are represented in your personality building.
In addition, you can see how your strengths can help you communicate with certain types of people and how these same “strengths” can become weaknesses in communicating with other types.

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