How to motivate your employees?
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In the past, the most successful companies were those that had the latest technology. Today, the technological advantage is not crucial anymore.

Employees are more than ever the key to a successful business and constant progress.

To get the best from your employees it is necessary to approach them in an appropriate manner, according to their personality characteristics. This way you will encourage and motivate your employees to get involved, become a part of the team, participate and put their maximum efforts in work.

However, the practice often indicates that the working environment best fits people who are similar in temperament to their superiors, while others usually face numerous obstacles in various aspects of work.

According to the PCM, there are six personality types, which differ according to their predominant personality characteristics, ways in which they work in teams, working conditions in which they give their maximum and the things that motivate them.

Research shows that all six types can function very well in any team or working environment when managers respond adequately to their psychological needs.

To ensure that the psychological needs of their employees are met, managers should consider the following questions:

  1. How can I make the employee feel accepted?
  2. How can I give employee recognition for work well done?
  3. How can I ensure that the employee receives an important task?
  4. How can I allow the employee to have privacy, personal space and time for himself/herself?
  5. How can I make tasks interesting for the employee?
  6. How can I make tasks more exciting and dynamic for the employee?

These are the key questions managers should consider when working on employee motivation. These questions will help them to increase the motivation and engagement of their employees and avoid conflicts and misunderstanding.

Managers who meet the psychological needs of their employees, motivate them to commit and put their maximum efforts in work. They have more time to focus on setting and achieving goals because they don’t have to deal with problems all the time.

Jelena Spremo