What is ICF?

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is a leading global organisation dedicated to the improvement of coaching profession by setting the highest standards, securing independent certification and building a global network of professional coaches. This organisation was founded in 1995. Today ICF includes over 20.000 members worldwide. ICF is known for its golden, highest standards in coaching.
ICF-Coaching-Koučing-Zlatni standard u koucingu

As a leading global organisation of professional coaches, ICF guarantees the quality of all ICF accreditation trainings.

Who can be accredited by ICF?

The institutions that want to accredit their programs or individuals who want to become professional coaches can apply as candidates for accreditation or certification.

Depending on whether or how much the institution satisfies these standards, we differentiate three levels of ICF accreditation:

  • CCE (Continuing Coach Education)
  • ACSTH (Approved Coaching Specific Training Hours)
  • ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Program)

Accreditation should be renewed every third year.

Why is PCM important for professional coaches?

Process Communication Model (PCM) is the most advanced coaching experience that can distinguish you on a growing coaching market. Using this methodology, you will be able to more easily establish compliance and connections with your client. Also, you will have the exclusive right to apply Key To Me Profile during sessions with your clients.

Training PCM Coach is ideal for you if you want to renew your ICF coaching accreditation. It’s recognised by the ICF as training that brings the 22.25 CCEU.

If you are interested in becoming an ICF accredited coaching,click on the link!

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