Kahler Communications is an international research, communication and assessment company that owns the rights to the Process Therapy Model™ (PTM), a clinical personality assessment and the Process Communication Model® (PCM), a personality assessment, communication and management methodology that is based on the Process Therapy Model™. Kahler Communications was founded by Taibi Kahler, Ph.D., an award-winning clinical psychologist who has served as a consultant and advisor to Global 2000 companies, NASA and USA governmental agencies.

Why Choose PCM model?
Learn more about the latest trends in employee development and assessment.


NASA has started to apply PCM in astronaut selection and training since 1978.

PCM in Fortune 500

Today, this model is used by renowned coaches and psychologists, as well as company managers from the Fortune 500 list.

PCM at universities

PCM has been studied in over 37 universities around the world.

Over MILION assessments

So far, over a million people have learned their deep personality structure.

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