After getting to know your personality structure and the basics of PCM, it’s time to learn how to develop and improve your strengths and become more prepared to respond to challenging communication situations.

Advanced PCM introduces you to the world of stress management – which means it provides deeper answers to the questions of how people get into stress and more importantly, how to get out of it faster.

After finishing PCM Discover training, Advanced module builds your knowledge on the following topics:
  • Phasing – why and how our psychological needs change through
  • What are the 3 levels of stress and how do different personality types react to them
  • How to manage challenging situations with different personality types
What awaits you at the Advanced PCM training?
Connection and motivation
  • Overview of channels of communication and perception
  • Motivation based on psychological needs
  • Intervention strategy
Prevention and resolution of conflicts
  • Getting out of a state of stress
  • How to get out of the failure mechanism
  • Managing difficult situations


Advanced PCM education is for you if:

  • You liked the Discover PCM training and want to upgrade your knowledge about personality types
  • You want to better understand your personality structure and your psychological needs
  • You need additional skills that will help you lead people, resolve conflicts and strengthen your communication skills
  • You want to improve your approach and relationships with people in your environment and learn how to manage stressful situations

This education is also ideal for anyone who wants to deal with PCM at a higher level and become a certified PCM Trainer.

Date: 24-26th April 2024 / Belgrade or online

Note: The condition for attending the Advanced module is the completion of the Discover PCM training.

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