How would your life look like if you could guess what others think and what they want? What motivates them? Why people get into stress and conflicts? How to analyse and understand your needs, but also understand the behavior of other people in order to communicate effectively with your interlocutor?

Science can give you answers to all of these questions!

By developing the PCM model in the 1970s, Taibi Kahler helped a large number of people to enhance their impact and communication skills, regardless of the type and description of the work they are dealing with. This model is a leading psychometric tool for the development of teams and individuals, which explains how and why people communicate.

PCM is a very practical tool that can be used immediately after you learn it. It can be very useful for communicating with employees, clients, friends, and family.

How can PCM help you?

PCM (Process Communication Model®) is an innovative model that allows you to understand the depth of personality structure. NASA used it in training and selection of astronauts for 20 years, and today this model is used by many well-known Fortune 500 companies.

According to the PCM model, each person represents a unique combination

6 types of personality
which have different needs, are motivated by different things and for various reasons they enter into conflicts and stress conditions

Knowing your own “building of personality” will allow you to understand yourself and your needs, to understand what drives you into stress and how to prevent these conditions. You will understand why you are getting into conflict with some people, and when a conflict arises, you will find a constructive solution.

This is the only methodology in the world that combines behavioral analysis and typology of personality, along with adaptive communication techniques.

PCM is the holder „Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award” of the “Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award” from the International Transaction Analysis Association, which was founded by Erik Bern, the transnational analysis founder.

Where can you apply a PCM model?

You can apply PCM to better get to know yourself and your needs, in the business to manage your team, to become a seller who always gets “YES!” or to prevent conflicts and stressful situation.

If you are HR, this methodology can help you to choose the right training for your employees on personal and business preferences, as well as to consider becoming a trainer.

PCM will help you to improve relationships with family and friends, through acceptance and understanding of diversity. If you are a coach this is the right choice for you, since only 50 coaching experts in Serbia have the exclusive right to use “Personal Profile Inventory” PCM assessment in their sessions.

PCM is present in 50 countries worldwide, the training is translated into 22 languages, and the community in the world has 3.000 PCM trainers and over 1 million people who have discovered their building of personality.

Who uses the PCM model?

Why choose PCM?

Application of PCM to NASA

NASA has been applying PCM in the selection and training of astronauts since 1978

PCM in Fortune 500

Today, this model is used by recognized coaches and company directors from the Fortune 500 list.

PCM at universities

PCM has been studied at over 37 universities around the world.

over 1 MILLION participants

So far, over a million people have learned about their deep personality structure.




You can use PCM every time you communicate, the result will not be absent. Never! Welcome to the world of adaptive communication!

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