If you are:


An HR manager who wants to provide his employees with the highest quality training and justified investment for the company

A trainer who wants to adapt his approach to each member of the group and encourages participants’ satisfaction

An internal or external trainer who wants to provide one of the world’s highest quality programs to clients

A consultant who wants to deliver the highest value to his clients

Someone who is engaged in public appearances and who is daily in challenging communication with different people

Welcome to training PCM trainer!


Why is this

training important for you?


Training PCM trainer really makes a difference! It represents the highest instance of PCM education, which is considered to be the most eminent methodology nowadays. In addition, the quality guarantee is represented by the International Coach Federation (ICF). This training will allow you to fully master the skills that represent the core of the PCM methodology.

You will learn how to:

» Work with different groups and individuals who have different needs

» Choose the right channels of communication (specific words, tones, gestures, and facial expressions) that together lead to more productive interaction with interlocutors

» Recognise what drives different people (which are their motivational factors)

» Recognise 3 levels of stress of different individuals in training and to prevent conflicts

» Customize your style of communication and deliver right messages to different types of personality

More about

training PCM trainer

Whether you’re a trainer, a consultant, a lecturer or a public speaker, PCM is a tool that will allow you to communicate the message in the right way and to provide your customers high quality.


This training will be especially important for you if you work with groups that consist of individuals of different needs and characters. PCM is a very useful tool if we are talking weather about a group or about individual training.



  • The requirement for PCM trainer is that you have previously completed training:

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