Process Communication Model – VIRTUAL LEARNING
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PCM learning has a new virtual dimension!
Download the PCM application and master premium communication techniques in an interactive way!

What does virtual learning look like?

Each of the 6 personality types will introduce you to their basic characteristics, psychological needs, and character strengths.

Interactively, you will learn the basics about the 6 personality types

You can practice your PCM skills by answering specific questions

Watch a teaser:

Get ready for a great adventure and introduction to the PCM model used by companies around the world!

Why choose virtual learning?

You can use this app when it suits you during the day

You can pause it and later continue where you left off in your learning

The application is easy to use and you can use it on your device wherever you are

Interactive learning is the most effective way to learn new skills

Send a request and get your access

PCM Virtual Learning can be used for:

Pre-Learning: If you want to become familiar with this model and learn the basics before you decide to participate in PCM training.

During Training: Discover the PCM components in a playful way and deepen your knowledge between training sessions.

After Training: You can continue to learn PCM at your own pace for three months, to apply this model in everyday life

How to access the application?

1. Send us an inquiry
2. We will contact you as soon as possible and inform you about the conditions of downloading the application
* The PCM application is in English