A: I don’t know what happened to him. He suddenly lost his temper

B: He must be stressed. We’ll talk to him when he calms down. 

You’ve heard this conversation many times, haven’t you? You were probably involved in something similar. It is true that stress causes many conflict situations, both on private and business plans. However, no one drives into a state of stress at once. Stress is the result of long-term dissatisfaction that has accumulated and it eventually escalates. How can we prevent it?

About Stress Management through PCM Model training

Upravljanje stresom - PCM - KomunikacijaStress management through PCM Model is a two-day program organized by Atria Group and designed to help participants to improve skills for managing stress and overcoming crises on a higher level.
The program is based on the PCM (Process Communication Model®) methodology, an advanced coaching tool for identifying the deep structure of the personality. Knowing this methodology will enable participants to improve their communication skills with different types of personality, to better identify potential problems in relationships, and to, on the easier way, find the best ways to solve them. What distinguishes this training is a high level of interactivity. Namely, the participants will be able to apply various tools, solutions, as well as all the acquired knowledge during the practical part of the training.


More about Process Communication Model

PCM (Process Communication Model®)  is an innovative model that allows you to understand the depth of personality structure. NASA used it in training and selection of astronauts for 20 years, and today this model is used by many well-known Fortune 500 companies.

According to PCM model, every person represents a unique combination

of 6 types of personalities. with different needs, they are motivated by different things and they get into conflicts and stress conditions due to various drivers.

Knowing your own “building of personality” will allow you to understand yourself and your needs, to understand what drives you into stress and how to prevent these conditions. You will understand why you are getting into conflict with some people, and when a conflict arises, you will be able to find a constructive solution.

This is the only methodology in the world that combines behavioral analysis and typology of personality, along with adaptive communication techniques.

 PCM is the holder of “Erik Berne Memorial Scientific Award” from the International Transaction Analysis Association, founded by Erik Bern, transnational analysis maker.

What are the benefits of this training for participants?

» You will understand the behavior of your interlocutors (all 6 types of personality) and you will learn how to address them so that their specific psychological needs are met

» You will improve your communication with different types of interlocutors

» You will learn how to motivate different team members

» You will adapt your style of communication to team members who have different personality structure

» You will be able to recognize and prevent potential conflicts and misunderstandings at an early stage of their occurrence

» You will learn how to re-establish constructive communication with your interlocutor

What topics will be covered on this training?

Teme treninga-Sastanak-Komunikacija-Biznismen

  • About the PCM model
  • Different ways we are experiencing the world
  • Basic characteristics of 6 personality types according to PCM methodology (Thinker, Harmoniser, Imaginer, Persister, Promoter, Rebel)
  • How to recognize the personality structure of the interlocutor?
  • What causes stress among different types of personality?
  • Which three levels of stress can occur with different types of personality?
  • How does each type of person react to stress?
  • Strengthening physical and mental resistance
  • Adoption and use of practical tools for stress resistance
  • Interpretation and evaluation of beliefs that lead to stress

How does the training structure look like?

The training program consists of two phases:

Through an online questionnaire, participants create an individualized report based on the PCM methodology with detailed and specific information about their personality structure. The individualized profile identifies a participant’s basis from one of six personality types.
The report covers the following topics:

  • Unique personality structure
  • Personality strengths
  • The perception of the world and the ability to look from the “other angle”
  • Preferences in interaction with others
  • Psychological needs – motivators for personal and professional success
  • Unique forms of stress, that can sabotage personal and professional success
  • A unique action plan
  • Preferred management style

Through carefully designed theoretical part and a series of interactive workshops, participants adopt the presented models and tools and practice their use in working with different types of personalities. (colleagues from the group).

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