The secret of great leader
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Are you a leader?

If we ask the question, “Are we all the same?” the answer is clear and everyone knows it – no, we are not.

However, in a working environment supervisors tend to communicate with all employees in the same way. Managers usually have the best intentions believing that they are treating everyone equally.

On the other hand, employees are expected to have “identical reaction” to this “identical communication”.  Unfortunately, these patterns can be a barrier to fostering diversity in teams, which is not a good thing, since diverse teams are more productive.

Diversity is power

If there is no understanding of diversity, superiors fail to respond appropriately to the psychological needs of employees. Employees are able to satisfy their psychological needs only if they are similar to their superiors and that is why they favor such a leadership approach.

However, when it comes to the relationships with other employees, who are diametrically different in temperament, there is a lack of understanding which has a negative effect on communication and implementation of business ideas and goals.

True leaders refuse to compromise, ignoring the needs of some of the employees.

Of course, it is not possible to meet every employee’s needs. However, the effective leader uses his unique ability to perceive the diversity of employees and get the most out of them.

How does one become a leader?

Unlike the former belief that leaders are simply born that way, there are plenty of tools available to help people become great leaders. PCM is one of those tools.

This model allows you to first understand what it is that motivates us and what psychological needs we must meet in order to feel comfortable “in our own skin”. Then we can learn to understand the needs of others (which are equally important), recognize them through their verbal and non-verbal behavior and adapt our communication effectively. And the results are extraordinary!

Jelena Spremo