According to the Process Communication Model, each of us represents a unique combination of six different types of personality.
Pictorially, each person has his six-fold personality building, in each type of personality is one floor. The lower the floor, the type of personality is more represented in that person.

The first floor is the Base of the personality building Base, which has the greatest effect on our behavior. The base is innate and develops in the first few months of our lives and does not change during their lifetime. Each person has the characteristics of all 5 types of personality.

They all have different views of the world, work environment, style of communication and management, business priorities and psychological needs. What our need is most pronounced at a certain point in our lives will depend on our current Phase.

Below we present the basic characteristics of 6 types in personality according to the PCM model. Where do you find the most?

#1 Thinker

Thinker is exceptional in organizing activities and detailed planning. He gladly takes responsibility which makes him a welcome person in both professional and personal relationships. He tends to structure his ideas logically and explains them quickly and clearly to others. In order to feel good and be efficient, Thinker needs a structured approach and to be recognized for his thoughts and accomplishments.

#2 Persister

Persister is a person who sees the world through the filter of his values, standards and beliefs. People often admire his moral conduct and his ethics. He is very observant. When communicating with others, Persister is willing to express his opinion and to hear others. In addition, he is extremely dedicated to his personal and professional development.

#3 Harmoniser

Harmoniser is a warm, compassionate person who sees the world through the filter of feelings. He respects people who recognize the importance of his emotions. He brings empathy and harmony into relationships and in order to feel comfortable he needs to be recognized as a person.

#4 Rebel

Rebel is a very creative person who tends to find solutions in situations when others see only problems. He is spontaneous, playful and able to turn a boring task into a game. Rebel reacts to people and things with likes and dislikes. He is a source of positive energy and enthusiasm for others and is therefore gladly invited to numerous gatherings.

#5 Imaginer

Imaginer is an introspective and imaginative person. He often observes himself and thinks about life and all possible scenarios of different events. That is why he often needs to be alone. When talking to people, he does not give a lot of facts. Rather, he likes to analyze as many hypotheses and options as possible before reaching a conclusion.

#6 Promoter

Promoter is a charming and likeable person. He is extremely resourceful and able to find solutions in every situation, as well as to get back on his feet after any setback. He sees the world through the filter of action and needs dynamic environments to feel comfortable and alive. Promoter has a direct way of communication and likes to get to the point immediately.

THINKER Think first, Categories people/things Thinks logically, synthesize the facts Rec. of work Time Structure Logical Organised
PERSISTER Judges first. Evaulates with opinions Gives opinions, beliefs and judgements Rec. of work, Reck of convictions Dedicated, Observant, Conscientious
HARMONISER Feels first. Takes in people and things by feeling Nurture and give to others, create harmony Recognition of the person. Sensory needs Compassionate, Sensitive, Warm
IMAGINER Reflections. motivated into actions by people and things Introspective, works well with task and things Solitude Imaginative, Reflective and Calm
REBEL React to people and things with likes and dislikes Play and enjoy the bresent Contact Spontaneous, Creative and Playful
PROMOTER Action Orientated. Be firm and direct Incidence Adaptable, Persuasive, Charming
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